Q CELLS Solar Panels

Q CELLS is our preferred brand of solar panel because of the unmatched quality and guarantees of the product. Some of the Q Cells Solar Panels come with a higher price tag, although the extra cost we believe is far outweighed by the peace of mind that the superior quality will bring you. Listed below are the features we would like to bring to your attention.


Q CELLS are very strong advocates for testing their panels in all weather conditions. This proves to their customers that the quality associated with their Q Cells Solar Panels range is not just glossy brochures and marketing. They specifically focus on keeping their testing independent and also use a well-blended variety of lab testing and outdoor longer term facility testing.

Having a strong Australian presence has encouraged Q CELLS to conduct a lot of their testing in our countries volatile climate conditions, including the harshness of the hot sun in Alice Springs at a testing facility called Desert knowledge. They have also utilised the Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University, QLD where the two models tested were strong enough to survive a 1 in 500 year cyclone in wind region C – the most severe region for all major Australian cities, including Darwin.

For Australian coastal residents, you can rest easy knowing the Q CELLS panels have passed salt mist corrosion tests. The panels have been tested according to Severity Level 6, the highest level defined in the IEC testing standards.

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