LG Solar Panels

LG Solar Panels come from twenty years of cutting edge research, immense preparation, and world class development have propelled LG Electronics to the very forefront of renewable energy. LG do more than make solar modules, they empower customers by providing the most advanced, field proven and highest rated value products in the world. Below we list some of the features of the LG solar panel product line that make LG standout from the crowd.


LG Electronics number one priority for the LG Solar Panels is the quality of its product. The Quality Assurance Process of LG administers gateway checks at every stage from development to production. If the quality does not meet the rigid conditions, it will not be passed onto the next stage. LG has state-of-the art testing equipment for quality, safety, and performance tests.

LG Solar Panels come with internal mechanical load standards (5400 Pa), which are stricter than international standards. The module frame’s durability is uniquely anodized to minimize damage from rain, snow and sea wind.

LG applies rigid standards to material procurement — solely targeting products which have undergone previous technical analysis, laboratory tests, and field tests. All of the materials for LG Electronic modules are supplied by world-recognized partners.

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