SolaX Solar Power Inverters

Solax Solar Power Inverters are built by SolaX. They are a Solar Power inverter manufacturer with a diverse range of Solar Power inverters to choose from. Because they offer a wide range of Solar PV inverters we are able to provide our customers with different choices when designing your Solar Power System. SolaX inverters have Solar Inverter models to suit Residential Solar Power & Commercial Solar Power. And also provide a Hybrid Solar Power inverter to suit the installation of Solar Power Batteries.

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SOLAX IP rating of IP65

The SolaX X1 Boost Solar Power Inverters range is built with a IP rating of IP65. Meaning it is tested to be able to provide no ingress of dust getting inside the inverter and damaging it. And if any water were to be sprayed onto the inverter it is protected against if Water is projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction would not have any harmful effects on the inverter.

SOLAX Duel MPPT Design flexibility

The SolaX Solar PV inverter comes with dual MPPT tracking which helps when designing where the panels would be installed on your roof. It allows the system of be split into 2 different arrays or aspects usually, where half of your Solar could be installed across the Northern aspect of your house. Then perhaps the other half to be installed on the Western aspect. The design of either your residential solar power for your home or Commercial Solar Power for your business. Is something we discuss with you in detail to take into account any considerations you may have for future building improvements.

Solax X1 Boost Solar Power Inverter