SMA Solar Power Inverters

SMA Solar Technology is a world leading photovoltaic technology company. They have made their name as a specialist in producing Solar inverters. They have created a wide range of inverter solutions including residential grid connect, off grid solar solutions, commercial solar, power plants, battery storage, and solar monitoring systems. They have focused on the changing demands of the world’s power supplies and provide products that meet those needs, some of our favorites are below.


Greater flexibility in planning, implementing and solar harvest: The advantages of multi-string technology in the new transformer-less Sunny Boy inverters Optimal yield in partial shading and efficient operation of east/west arrays. Two MPP trackers allowing the installation certain flexibility when designing the system around your property’s roof orientation. Optional: Single Tracker for complex or simple roof structures or as an add-on to existing PV plants.

More Efficient

Continuing SMA’s long track record of producing highly efficient Solar Inverters, their current range has maximum efficiency of up to 97%. With a very high DC voltage of 750 V, this can be a installation cost bonus if fewer parallel strings are required.