Enphase Solar Power Microinverters

Enphase Solar Power Microinverters are an alternative to standard string-inverters. Instead of having one inverter for your entire solar installation, you actually get one inverter for each solar panel in your system.
This has many benefits for its users – some of our favourites are listed below.

More power means more savings

One of the key benefits we love at Commercial Utility Solutions is the extra electricity that can be achieved as a result of using Microinverters. Traditional inverters operate at the level of the lowest-performing panel, so a little shade, dust, or debris on one panel can have a negative impact on the entire string of panels – and your energy bill. Enphase Micro-inverters allow panels to operate independently, increasing performance even in the low light of morning, evening, or cloudy days. This helps to ensure your system is running at maximum efficiency and delivering you the best possible financial benefit.

Design flexibility

Since each Enphase Solar Power Microinverters runs independently there is no need for panels to be lined up in set amounts per row. Panels can be ‘floating’ and independent from the batch if needed. This gives the solar designers and installers more flexibility when designing and installing your system, which could allow you to fit more panels on the best orientated roof section than would be the case if using a traditional inverter.

Traditional Problem

Using a traditional inverter means that everything is wired in series, and the lowest performing module determines the performance of the entire series.


Enphase Microinverter

Enphase Microinverters allow each solar panel to operate independently and control the power from each with 99.6% accuracy. This results in a 5-25% increase in the performance of the entire system.