ABB Solar Power Inverters

When it comes time for you to select a solar inverter for your PV project, as one of the world’s leading power and automation technology companies, ABB, has very strong credentials to fulfil your requirements for years to come. We’ve added some key points below that help to conclude that ABB is a truly bankable choice for your solar inverter.

Duel Tracking

ABB Transformerless inverters have two maximum power point trackers (MPPT), which gives you the ability to design your solar PV installation as two separate systems. This means that you can place panels on different orientations on your roof. E.g You may  want to purchase 18 panels. Yet only 10 of those panels will fit on the northern aspect of your roof. So you could install say 10 panels on the north side facing roof and the remaining 8 panels could be placed on the west for example. So in effect you have 2 solar PV units all running the power through one ABB inverter.