Your solar power inverter, also know as a PV ( Photovoltaic ) inverter is the heartbeat of your solar PV unit. Its main purpose is to take the direct current ( DC ) output from your solar panels and convert that energy into usable alternating current ( AC ) power for your home or business.

Your solar inverter controls the flow of electricity into your premises which can be used straight away to run your appliances, such as fridge, freezer, washing machine, lights, computers, etc. or direct the current to flow into a storage device for later use. With any excess electricity being fed back into the grid if approved by your electricity network. It is important to note that when discussing inverters with Commercial Utility Solutions, once we have completed an electricity bill diagnosis to establish what would be best suited to your needs. If the inverter size you’ve selected is not approved by the network once we submit your grid application. There still may be grounds to install your inverter of choice through the use of grid limiting devices. This simply stops any excess electricity feeding back into the grid, which could cause problems for your electricity network. Rest assured you will be made aware of this well before install if a grid limiting device is required. As always our aim is to provide our customers with the very best products that money can buy, this ensure longevity and gives you the results you expect by going solar. Below is a summery of the range of Solar Inverters we carry for your selection.