Solar Power Batteries


The way in which the every Australian homeowner and business owner uses their electricity has a very exciting future. With new manufacturers introducing solar battery solutions on a regular basis. There are many Solar Power Battery options available for both the Residential Solar Power Battery market, and the Commercial Solar Power Battery market.
There has been a lot of talk over the years about waiting for batteries until the time is right. The technology will get better. The pricing will become more affordable. We believe that time has now begun.
We have seen the introduction of the first commercially available lithium ion design battery for residential solar power customers. Which is a great product from LG Chem. There are now Solar Battery options available from ENPHASE with their AC Solar Batteries, SolaX Solar Batteries are now available as well. Not to mention there has been the option for Lead Acid Gel Batteries for years now, which also have certain advantages depending on the situation.
And no doubt there will be more to follow, as the battery market continues to grow.
We have outlined in the Investment Benefits page on this website some of the pros and cons of incorporating a solar battery storage component to your solar PV system.
Either way Commercial Utility Solutions will continue to provide our customers with the very best personalised solutions available.
You can read more about our Solar Power Batteries available by clicking the images below.