Investing in Solar Power

Installing solar panels on your roof is an investment – not like buying a car which brings you no returns, costs you money to run and depreciates in value. Solar panels on your roof will generate free electricity you can use to offset your electricity bill – saving you money. It’s time to think of solar power generation as an economically sustainable investment.


The primary motivation for installing a solar electricity generating system for most home owners and business owners is to reduce the amount of money spent on electricity consumption. Another way of saying this is investing your money into something now that will reduce your costs in the future. This is only a wise move if the future cost savings outweigh the initial upfront expense – ‘the typical investment case’ – this is almost always the case with rooftop solar installations.

The technology required for a solar system installation is constantly being refined and becoming more efficient. The result of this increased efficiency is the cost of a complete installation for the end customer is becoming lower and lower. Whilst the cost of an installed system is falling, electricity prices from the electricity retailers is on the rise. In-between these two factors we have a squeeze in serious favour of the smart investor who decides to install their own rooftop solar system. There has never been a better time than now to start producing your own usable solar energy.