Solar Power Wallanbah NSW 2422

Solar Power Wallanbah NSW 2422

Everyone wants to save money on their electricity bills. I mean, who wouldn’t ? The cost of electricity is increased about a hundred percent over the last ten years. The cost of solar, for example, has reduced by about seventy percent over the last seven years.

Now, even though we install solar and we provide quotes or install a solar for homeowners or business owners. One thing we also like to try and do is make sure you understand there are other things in your home you could be doing to reduce your electricity today. For example keeping the air conditioning settings at a reasonable temperature, closed doors for rooms that you’re not using around the house to keep the cold air in. Replace light bulbs with led lights. There’s a whole range of things you could do.

Now this particular job that we installed is probably the best example I’ve seen at somebody’s taking responsibility for their power bill and reducing their electricity account just based on making some smart changes around their home even before we install the solar for them. Without going into the finer detail too much. Their power bills was over a thousand dollars per quarter when we originally spoke to them two years ago. Since then the client came back to us letting us know they were ready to go forward with commercial utility solutions and get their solar. However by now their power bill had reduced to under $500! So that reduce their electricity costs by around 50% percent, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. And this is before we even install the solar panels. Originally, we were potentially discussing a 15kwh ground mount solar system with them. This was mostly due some thoughts about possibly using bore pump more than they already were.

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And that leads me to another important point. Sometimes when you’re looking at solar, you really want to be thinking about where are you going to be in the future. It’s all well and good to do a bill assessment today and that’s good to be accurate and we like to do that for you as well. But maybe in the future you’ll usage habits. Again, the change in this case, the usage actually decreased quite dramatically, but the original discussion we had was about increasing their electricity usage.

So very important for you. If you’re looking to get a quote from us, we’ll ask you a few questions and have a chat about that and whether it’s with us or someone else that you’d really want to be speaking about where are you going to be in the future with your electricity usage. Do you want to use more electricity without feeling guilty about it? Maybe you want to use the air conditioner more than you already are? Or do you really want to tighten up, you know, tighten up my usage and get that bill as low as humanly possible. Possibly even go with a smaller solar system and reduce your usage by other means. Something to think about.

High end quality was very important to this client. So we went with the nphase micro inverter. Enphase micro solar power inverters come with a IP rating of 67. So that means they weatherproof, from water & dust. Enphase has a fantastic product range and as always we have the online monitoring that we set up to keep an eye on the investment for the client long term with them. Looking forward to seeing some really good returns. If you would like to get yourself a quote for solar power, fill out the questionnaire below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Solar Power Wallanbah NSW 2422

Peak Sun Output 4.5 hours approximately
3.2kwh Residential Solar Power Installation will produce an average of 14.4kwh per day.
Expected saving from the solar Power will be approximately between $1,200 – $1,500 per annum.
Full online solar power monitoring installed.

Solar Power Wallanbah NSW 2422

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