Solar Power Logan Reserve Qld 4133


Something interesting came up from a residential solar power installation that Commercial Utility Solutions recently completed. It was the key consideration for the homeowner in that, instead of installing solar power for the sole purpose to use as little energy as they possibly could.

Which in turn would save electricity or save money on their electricity bills, rather their main concern was to be able to use as much power as they possibly could and increase their usage through the use of solar. This is something that doesn’t get talked about a whole lot in that, if you do instal solar power it’s going to allow you to use more of your appliances for longer without feeling guilty or worrying about how large your power bill is going to be once it arrives at the end of the quarter. There’s nothing worse than receiving a power bill and getting bill shock and not understanding why your electricity company has charged you so much.

This particular customer has some health concerns. They had installed a hot tub or a jacuzzi if you want to call it that. With the idea in mind that the warm water would help our client with a medical condition. Now hot tubs have very large heating element and would clearly increase their power bill usage more than it already was. It had even gotten to the point for our client that they were a little fearful to use the hot tub at all because of the electricity price increases in July this year. This was causing some pain and discomfort because they hadn’t been using the hot tub as treatment.

So prior to the installation they were choosing not to use the hot tub. Now that they have solar, they’re not feeling as guilty about how high their power bill will be had they not installed a residential solar power system for their home, so again allowing them to use more energy than they currently are and not worrying about the bill because they purchased solar power from commercial utility solutions. When you combine the hot tub usage with a large swimming pool and five Air Conditioners, there’s quite a lot of energy being consumed. And I’m certain they will see a some great savings on their electricity bills.

Solar Power Logan Reserve Qld 4133

For the Solar power installation we slightly oversized the solar panels. and went with a 20 x Q Cell Q Pro solar panels with a 5kwh SolaX solar power inverter. Basically the panels are slightly oversized for the Solar inverter, which just allows it to perform a little better. Switches on earlier in the day, runs later in the afternoon. Just gives you a little bit more output. Gives you a few more kilowatt hours and better overall performance by doing so.

We also installed the SolaX monitoring system for their residential solar power. Basically all the data from the inverter goes through the internet straight to their Android or iPhone. So that both the customer and Commercial Utility Solutions can monitor the solar, just to ensure that if something was to happen in the future, we would be able to be notified straight away via an alert. The SolaX monitoring will email us an alert so that we can assist the customer if and when an issue was to arise in the future. It’s a really good way to provide peace of mind for our customers, because we want to know that your investment is working for you into the future.

After keeping a close eye on the solar monitoring, we’ve noticed that the system is already producing around 30 kilowatt hours per day, which is great for the month of October for a five kilowatt system. We’re expecting to see great performance for the homeowners over Summer. Solar Power Logan Reserve Qld 4133 has approximate peak sunlight hours of 4.5 hours.

Solar Power Logan Reserve Qld 4133

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