Solar Power South Golden Beach NSW 2483. ENPHASE AC Solar Power Battery Installation

Solar Power South Golden Beach NSW 2483. 3 x 1.2kwh ENPHASE Energy AC Solar Power Batteries

Commercial Utility Solutions recently completed a residential installation of Solar Battery & Solar Power South Golden Beach NSW 2483.

This job was a little different in that the homeowner had already installed a 2kw solar power system for his home on the old NSW feed in tariff. The original system was running an ABB string inverter which was around 5 years old.

Since then the client had also upgraded his Solar PV array with an extra 2kw of enphase energy micro inverters.

So by this point the homeowner was running 4kw of Solar power for his home which he was now receiving a very small feed in tariff for the excess power he feed back into the electricity grid. Which needless to say he was not exactly happy with.

The homeowner then reached out to Commercial Utility Solutions to discuss their option if they were to install Solar Power Batteries for their home.

The end conclusions was to install the Enphase Solar Power Batteries. The Enphase Batteries are an AC coupled battery, which gave us greater design flexibility for the job. The AC coupled battery essentially gets wired into the AC electrical circuitry of the home, and then pulls electricity from the grid to charge the batteries when the Solar is not feeding the batteries first.

Had we have chosen with the customer to not use a AC coupled battery for the job it would have required us to install a Hybrid Solar Power Inverter to replace the existing ABB inverter which would allow the batteries to directly charge from the inverter. Which of course would have come at a cost of round $1,500 – $2,000. And would still have left us with the problem of not being able to store the Electricity being generated from the enphase micro inverters.

In the end our customer is now storing a large amount of his Solar Power production after we had installed 3 x 1.2 kw Enphase Energy AC Solar Batteries for him.

We are able to keep a close eye on the performance of the entire Solar setup for the customer via the enphase envoy monitoring service, and have already noticed that the homeowner is now using the majority of his power being generated from his roof, rather than just giving it to the grid at $0.08c/kwh he is now saving approximately $0.27c/kwh since we installed the Batteries.

Solar Power South Golden Beach NSW 2483

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Solar Power South Golden Beach NSW 2483