Solar Power Company Middle Arm NSW 2580, 3.18kw QCELL Panels & ENPHASE S230 micro inverters

Solar Power Company Middle Arm NSW 2580

Completed another installation where the decision was made to start with a smaller Solar Power system with the aim to expand upon it over time.

Again ENPHASE micro inverters being the easiest solution because of It’s flexibility of design. At any stage down the road the customer will find it very easy to add extra panels after renovations have been completed at their property.

Unfortunately for the owners found it hard to get the Solar installed before speaking with us because of their rural location.

For what ever reason they found it hard to find a company to service the area.

It’s important to note that even though the name of our company is Commercial Utility Solutions.

We do install many residential Solar Power systems.

And are happy to service the rural areas. We cover virtually all of New South Wales and Queensland.

The Solar consists of 12 x 265watt Q CELL, Q PRO  Solar Panels. Along with 12 x s230 ENPHASE micro inverters.

The solar is fully monitored with the ENPHASE Envoy solar monitoring system. So if any issues pop up in the future we can easily be made aware of them via the email alerts this monitoring provides. Reducing down time if any.

We will be monitoring the usage from the customers house & the performance of the solar, with the aim of adding the ENPHASE AC Batteries depending on consumption after reviewing the monitoring.

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