Solar Power Installation BUNGENDORE NSW 2621, 5kw ENPHASE micro inverters & QCELL Q Plus Solar Panels

Solar Power BUNGENDORE NSW 2621

Recently completed another 5KW ENPHASE micro Inverter & Q CELL Solar Panel installation

The Solar consists of 18 x 275watt Q CELL, Q Plus  Solar Panels. Along with 18 x s230 ENPHASE micro inverters.

One consideration for this installation was the view to begin using more energy in the future, because of renovations and family reasons.

Installing Enphase micro inverters does make it easier to expand upon your existing solar as you can add to the Solar panel by panel. Because each panel will operate independent of the others.

In this case however, after discussions about future usage most likely to increase in the house hold, the owner decided it best to install a larger Solar system and plan for the future.

Solar Power BUNGENDORE NSW 2621

Another consideration is that the larger system actually brings dow the cost of the labour & shipping costs to deliver stock to site. Basically the larger the Solar usually the cheaper this becomes.

Interestingly enough this particular home owner was originally told over 12 months ago by a previous company that they did not know how to install the Solar on his roof ! Because of It’s design.

This proves a point that it is always best to get a professional site inspection completed first where possible before proceeding with grid applications or payment of deposits before install.

Your Solar Panel are going to be on your roof for a long time, It’s best to get things done right the first time and save yourself the head ache or expense of any patch up jobs in the future.

We will be monitoring the usage from the customers house & the performance of the solar, with the aim of adding the ENPHASE AC Batteries within the next year.

Solar Power BUNGENDORE NSW 2621