Commercial Utility Solutions supplies and installs a wide range of Solar Power Systems for both the Residential and Commercial sectors.

Our main focus being on providing the best solution for our clients needs depending on the circumstances. This is achieved through careful assessment of their power bills & property, usually after a site inspection is completed.

The types of Solar Power Systems include Grid Connected, Hybrid Solar System or Off Grid Solar Power system. Ranging from 2KW all the way though to 100 KW in size.

We have a team of qualified installers who have completed over 3000 Residential and Commercial installations. With a commitment to professional workmanship and customer satisfaction. Every step of the installation process is communicated clearly for our clients so they are fully aware of the work being completed at their property.

As of 2017 Commercial Utility Solutions will be venturing into further renewable energy alternatives to expand the renewable energy options available for our clients to reduce their carbon footprint , and receive significant saving towards their power bills.

This will include Air Conditioning alternatives that can transform the Energy that is wasted from Air Conditioning units and turn it into real savings on your power bills & benefit the environment by reducing the CO2 emissions of the building. When combined with Solar Power this can make a significant difference to your monthly power bill.

Commercial Utility Solutions was born out of the belief that It’s our responsibility to look after the Environment as Science shows that we clearly need to make some changes as a society.

And at the same time help homeowners receive monetary savings by showing our clients alternatives to just paying your monthly power bills.

We believe this is achievable through the use of Solar Power & other alternative energy solutions as mentioned above.

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